Wilson Chan

  • Experienced Researcher, University of Hong Kong
  • WP1: The role of genetic factors, the circadian clock and signalling pathways in tendinopathies
  • Secondment to the University of Manchester, July-October 2018

Wilson is a post-doctoral fellow in the School of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Hong Kong, under the supervision of Professor Danny Chan. His research interest is in skeletal biology, focusing on development, growth and degenerative processes of the skeletal tissues. Research areas include the understanding of gene regulation and progenitor in the formation and repair of synovial joints and the intervertebral disc of the spine, and the role of integrated stress responses in skeletal disorders.

In RUBICON Wilson visited the laboratories of Professor Karl Kadler and Professor Qing Jun Meng at the University of Manchester. There he learned to generate and image mouse cell lines with circadian clock gene reporters and serial block face-scanning electron microscopy (volumetric imaging) of the collagen fibrils in association with resident cells in intervertebral discs of the murine spine.