Trevor Shepherd Mafu

  • PhD student, University of Cape Town, South AfricaIMG-20171218-WA0010
  • WP3: The role of Lipocalin 2 in bone and tendon biology and biomechanics
  • Secondment to UNIVAQ, January-December 2018

Trevor Shepherd Mafu is an MSc student (pending PhD upgrade) in the Division of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine, working under the supervision of Dr Delva Shamley and Prof Alison September. He has a background in Biochemistry (BSc Hons.) and in his MSc work, he investigated genetic associations with shoulder pain and dysfunction following breast cancer treatment. A proportion of the variation in the occurrence of shoulder pain and dysfunction is unexplained by treatment related effects and thus his work aims to explore possible genetic factors. He is currently upgrading to PhD, expanding on his MSc work. In addition, Trevor has experience as a laboratory technician for clinical trials and in recruiting and consenting patients for research purposes.

In RUBICON Trevor visited the laboratory headed by Professor Anna Teti at the University of L’Aquila (UNIVAQ), ITALY, to study the role of Lcn2 in bone and tendon biology in response to mechanical unloading and his potential pathway.