Sharon Mkumbuzi

  • sharon1-1Early Stage Research, University of Cape Town, South Africa
  • WP1: The role of genetic factors, the circadian clock and signalling pathways in tendinopathies
  • Secondment to REGIONH, Copenhagen, December 2016-June 2017

Sharon is a PhD student in the Division of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine, working under the supervision of Prof Malcolm Collins, Prof Alison September and Dr Michael Posthumus. She is currently investigating the association of genetic risk factors with nociception and pain in chronic painful lower limb tendinopathies (Achilles and Patellar tendinopathy). Common polymorphisms within genes encoding ion channels, receptors and molecules in the nociceptive and pain pathways of the peripheral and central nervous systems have been associated with altered pain profiles in other chronic musculoskeletal conditions. Sharon is specifically studying the association of these genes with self-reported pain and pain thresholds in a case control genetic association study in athletes with symptomatic Achilles and Patellar tendinopathy and asymptomatic controls.

Sharon and Michael K smallIn her secondment to REGIONH, Sharon visited the laboratory of Prof Michael Kjær in Denmark to study importance of strength training and IGF-1 for recovery from tendinopathy.