Selvaraj Vimalraj


  • Experienced researcher, Anna University, India
  • WP2: ER stress, intracellular signalling cascades and biomechanic consequences in heritable CTDs
  • Secondment to UNEW, 2016

Selvaraj is currently  doing his post doctoral research with Professor Suvro Chatterjee, Anna University in the field of vascular biology, microRNAs, heavy metal toxicicy on angiogenesis and developing anti tumor drugs by targeting intussusceptive angiogenesis. He has experience in biomaterials for bone tissue engineering, breast cancer and stem cell differentiation towards osteoblast by microRNAs.

He will be visiting Newcastle University for a period of 6 months under the RUBICON staff exchange programme. He will be trained in interaction between human osteogenesis and angiogenesis research.