Michal Dudek

Profile picture Michal Dudek

  • Experienced Researcher, University of Manchester, UK
  • WP1: The role of genetic factors, the circadian clock and signalling pathways in tendinopathies
  • Secondment to MCRI, May-August 2016

Michal is a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Manchester investigating the role of the circadian rhythm in the biology of articular cartilage and other cell-matrix rich tissues. His research focuses on how the circadian clock mechanism partitions different aspects of cartilage physiology to different times of day, how the cartilage circadian clock synchronises with the daily rhythm of activity and how disruption of the circadian clock may predispose or exacerbate osteoarthritis.

In RUBICON Michal visited the laboratory of Dr Shireen Lamande at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia, for 3 months . There he learned the cartilage specific method for preparation of samples for mass spectrometry analysis and generated the first circadian proteome of mouse articular cartilage. This will advance our understanding of rhythmic physiological processes occurring in cartilage over a 24 hour day with implications in joint health and diseases like osteoarthritis.