Mathijs Suijkerbuijk

  • Mathijs SuijkerbuijkEarly Stage Researcher, Erasmus Medical Center, The Netherlands
  • WP4.3 Tendon calcification and the interplay with osteoblasts and endothelial cells
  • Secondment to University of Cape Town, January – July 2018

Mathijs is a medical doctor performing his PhD research under supervision of Prof dr. Gerjo van Osch, dr. Yvonne Bastiaansen-Jenniskens and dr. Duncan Meuffels at the Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He is investigating tendon repair both from a clinical as well as from a fundamental perspective. His clinical work is focussing on hamstring tendon regeneration after complete, surgical removal and the clinical consequences of these regenerative processes on an individual’s performance. In the lab, he is investigating the role of inflammation on tendon repair processes. Especially, he is interested the macrophage phenotypes, that can either positively or negatively influence regenerative processes.

In RUBICON, Mathijs visited the laboratory headed by professor Malcolm Collins at the University of Cape Town (UTC), South Africa to further investigate the role of inflammation in the pathology of tendons.