Kit Wai

  • Postdoctoral research fellow, University of Hong Kong
  • WP1.3: The importance of the circadian clock in maintaining tendon and cartilage fitness
  • Secondment to UMAN, July-October 2018

Kit Wai is a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Hong Kong investigating the interaction of circadian clock with hypoxia inducible factors (Hif-αs) in regulation of cartilage matrix homeostasis. His research focus on how environmental hypoxia could regulate the chondrocyte circadian clock and orchestrate the homeostasis of cartilage extracellular matrix.

In RUBICON, Kit visited the laboratory of Prof. Qing-Jun Meng,  at Wellcome Centre for Cell-Matrix Research in the University of Manchester, UK, for 3 months. There he learned 1. real time bioluminescence recording in Bmal1::luc and Per2::luc luciferase-based reporter ATDC5 cell lines and articular chondrocytes harvested from Per2::luc reporter mouse femoral head 2. Extraction of mRNA from Hif-αs-induced mouse femoral head articular chondrocytes for RNA-seq and qPCR analysis. This will advance our understanding of Hif-αs manipulate the circadian rhythmic oscillations of clock-related genes and chondrocyte-specific genes and implications of the importance of environmental oxygen tension in cartilage extracellular matrix homeostasis.