Katarzyna Piróg

Kasia Pirog

  • Experienced Researcher, Lecturer in Musculoskeletal Genetics, Newcastle University, UK
  • WP2: ER stress, intracellular signalling cascades and biomechanic consequences of in heritable CTDs
  • Secondment to UNIVANNA, January-March 2018

Kasia is a lecturer and an early career scientist at Newcastle University, interested in cartilage biomechanics and musculoskeletal complications of chondrodysplasias. Her research focuses on elucidating the intra- and extracellular mechanisms of pathobiology of chondrodysplasias and cartilage ageing.

In RUBICON Kasia visited the laboratory of Dr Suvro Chatterjee at the Anna University, Chennai, India to learn about various methods to detect intracellular oxidative stress and the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) which she will apply to study cartilage genetic conditions and ageing.