Honor Morris

  • Early stage researcher, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
  • WP1: The role of genetic factors, the circadian clock and signalling pathways in tendinopathies
  • WP2: ER stress, intracellular signalling cascades and biomechanic consequences in heritable CTDs
  • Secondment to the University of Hong Kong, March-May 2019

Honor Morris is a PhD student in the Division of Cell Matrix Biology & Regenerative Medicine at the University of Manchester, working under the supervision of Prof. Judith Hoyland and Prof. Qing-Jun Meng. Her research seeks to address the role of intrinsic circadian rhythms in intervertebral disc homeostasis and degeneration. Honor’s current work focuses on the influence of clock gene BMAL1 on the ossification of cartilage tissues, and the development of circadian rhythms within the embryonic spine.

As part of the RUBICON exchange, Honor visited the laboratory of Prof. Danny Chan at the University of Hong Kong. Here she  examined the development of the circadian clock within the mouse musculoskeletal system and studied growth plate and intervertebral disc phenotypes arising from circadian disruption.