Annesofie Thorup Olesen

AnneSofie Thorup Olesen

  • Early stage researcher, Institute of Sports Medicine Copenhagen, Region Hovedstaden, Denmark
  • WP1: Effects of aging and habitual physical activity on the extracellular matrix of skeletal muscles
  • Secondment to MCRI, November 2017 – April 2018

Annesofie holds a MSc in human physiology BSc in math. Currently, she is enrolled as a PhD student at The Institute of Sports Medicine Copenhagen. The objective of the PhD is to investigate biomechanical properties and structural and biochemical composition of the extracellular matrix (ECM) of skeletal muscles in aged and trained mice. Mechanically, the ECM appears to become more compliant after training in middle-aged mice, however this training effect seems to be blunted in old mice. We have also found that hydroxyproline concentration (as an estimate of collagen) and intramuscular ECM thickness are increased in old mice and unaffected by training in both middle-aged and old mice. For the secondment, the purpose was to investigate the proteome profile of the ECM in order to understand the mechanical effects observed.