University of Hong Kong

HongKongLogoHKU is the oldest university in Hong Kong and the Faculty of Medicine is over 120 years old. The HKU team led by Professor Danny Chan has been working on musculoskeletal diseases affecting joint formation, growth of long bones, bone homeostasis and intervertebral disc degeneration. They have acquired a large collection of mouse models of human diseases and reagents for the conditional activation and inactivation of gene function in skeletal tissues, as well as reporter mice for cell lineage analyses.

Participating staff
Prof. Danny Chan, PhD, Professor in Biochemistry
Prof. Kathryn Cheah PhD, Chair Professor in Biochemistry
Dr. Bo Gao PhD, Assistant Professor in Biochemistry
Dr Wilson Chan, post-doctoral fellow
Dr Kit Wai, post-doctoral fellow
William Lam, PhD student

Relevant publications
1. Tsang KY, Chan D, Cheslett D, Chan WC, So CL, Melhado IG, Chan TW, Kwan KM, Hunziker EB, Yamada Y, Bateman JF, Cheung KM, and Cheah KS (2007) Surviving endoplasmic reticulum stress is coupled to altered chondrocyte differentiation and function. PLoS. Biol. 5:568-585
2. Gao B, Hu J, Stricker S, Cheung M, Ma G, Law KF, Witte F, Briscoe J, Mundlos S, He L, Cheah KS, and Chan D (2009) A mutation in Ihh that causes digit abnormalities alters its signalling capacity and range, Nature. 458, 1196-1200
3. Song YQ, Karasugi T, Cheung KM, et al (2013) Lumbar disc degeneration is linked to a carbohydrate sulfotransferase 3 variant. J. Clin. Invest 123, 4909-4917