Past Webinars

This page collects the slides for all the past RUBICON webinars, in case you missed them!

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Data Reproducibility and Good Laboratory Practice for Animal Studies, Nadia Rucci, UNIVAQ

In vivo and ex vivo analysis of mutant mice, Professor Francesco Ramirez, ISMMS

An in silico approach to find the missing heritability for Achilles tendinopathy and anterior cruciate ligament ruptures, Prof. Alison September and Dr. Colleen Saunders, UCT

Tendon mechanical testing at multiple scales, Dr Rene B Svensson, REGIONH

The use of “omics” technologies to investigate animal models of human skeletal conditions, Katarzyna Piróg, UNEW

Bone (re)generation: the need for osteoblast stimulatory pathways, Dr Bram van der Eerden ERASMUS